What is it about?

Teams of high school students (max 5 per team) are invited to compete at the Lockdown Cybersecurity Competition for High Schools at the University at Buffalo. At this hands-on competition, student teams will be tasked with defending a small network of systems from attack and will be scored on how well their services remain available (service uptime). Teams will also be assigned and scored on various timed tasks to complete throughout the event. If that’s not enough, a Cybersecurity CTF and other interesting challenges will be part of the competition as well!

We welcome teams of all skill levels to join this fun and educational competition. You and your teammates will have an opportunity learn about cybersecurity in a supportive atmosphere of friendly competition.

Please note that each team is required to have a faculty advisor. Teams competing in person at UB must have a faculty advisor present with them during the event. In person teams are required to follow all COVID health guidelines.

When and where?

The competition is offered both online and in-person at UB on 2/18/2023 from 9:30am to 4:00pm.

How do I register?

Fill out this form to reserve a spot for your team. Space is limited to twelve teams, so sign up today!

How do I prepare?

We have developed some instructional videos available on Google Classroom to help you learn a bit about the technical infrastructure you will encounter at the competition. Please use a personal Google account and code bgceeuh to enroll in the classroom. Due to limitations of Google Classroom, you will not be able to use this code with a Google Suite for Education account (i.e. your school account).

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact David Murray if you have any questions or concerns.